Upper East Side

One of the continent's most historic and luxurious neighborhoods, known for its lavish and spacious residential areas.

Welcome to Upper East Side

Refined residential neighborhood with world-class cultural institutions and incredible upscale amenities
Once home to famed American aristocrats like the Astors, Rockefellers, Roosevelts, and Kennedys, the Upper East Side is one of the continent's most historic and luxurious neighborhoods. With various stunning architectural designs, the Upper East Side is known for its lavish, spacious residential areas and easy access to some of New York City’s finest amenities.

Desirably located near New York’s iconic Central Park, the Upper East Side provides locals with opportunities to balance their recreational needs with the hustle and bustle of their city lifestyle. Featuring some of New York’s finest dining establishments and many of the city’s best boutiques, the Upper Side East is the perfect playground for people seeking finer things. A prosperous space for businesses, the area is a wonderful place to call home for young professionals, and its family-oriented community makes it a wonderful space for new parents as well. All in all, as the Upper East Side exudes luxury and comfort, it’s definitely one of New York’s best places to call home.

What to Love

  • Michelin-starred eateries and fantastic cuisine
  • Chic boutique shopping with incredible designer garments
  • Vibrant cultural institutions and entertainment venues
  • Residential feel with beautiful historic architecture 

Local Lifestyle

New York City looms large as one of the globe’s primary cultural centers, and the Upper East Side is a torchbearer of the city’s intellectual and artistic history. Known for the Museum Mile, which houses a wealth of museums showcasing many masterworks from the world’s most famous creatives, the Upper East Side offers its residents leading cultural institutions right by their doorstep. Perfect for an afternoon out with the family or for a romantic, thoughtful date, these museums are a true treasure and are worthy of endless exploration. Beyond its cultural refinement, the Upper East Side is a wonderful space for group gatherings. With fabulous restaurants providing a diverse smattering of cuisines, the Upper East Side is a great place to celebrate special occasions and enjoy New York’s vibrant multicultural spirit.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The Upper East Side features some of New York’s most celebrated boutiques and shopping centers, making it a true paradise for shopaholics. Here you’ll find one of the most famous stores in the whole city, Bloomingdale’s, where you’ll discover all of the designer goods of your dreams.

Looking for a decadent and luxurious night out? Famed French chef and restauranteur Daniel Boulud serves fantastic French favorites from Daniel Boulud Kitchen. Try his signature red wine braised short ribs.

For one of New York’s best classic deli experiences, Pastrami Queen provides some of the Big Apple’s finest sandwiches. It’s a great place to get a delicious casual lunch with friends. You can’t go wrong with the pastrami on rye sandwich.
In the mood for a coffee shop experience unlike any other? Visit the Ralph Lauren Coffee Shop and enjoy your morning cup in a space that evokes a vintage designer feel.

Things to Do

While the Upper East Side’s iconic Museum Mile features some of the world’s best-known museums, locals continue to rave about one of the mile’s newer spaces, the Neue Gallerie. Housing some of the world's finest early 20th-century German and Austrian art, this two-floor space is wonderful for an afternoon out.

Further, the Upper East Side is home to some of New York’s most prolific theatrical spaces. One space that locals particularly love is the Park Avenue Armory, which frequently offers ground-breaking musical acts and avant-garde plays. Also, the Upper East Side is wonderfully located next to the lush green space of Central Park. It's a great place to join a local recreational sports team or to just lay out and have a nice family picnic.


The Upper East Side features a mix of many private and public educational institutions.

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